G-Vortex : Game Space
FahrezONE Dev.

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Game Booster & Game Space to optimize gaming experience!

Optimize your Android device for best performance with G-Vortex. Enjoy a better gaming experience with the G-Vortex game booster app. Some features of G-Vortex include:

  • Game Space (V-SPACE): Switch to your private game mode interface.
  • Game Filters: Add your favorite games to the game filter. You can manually add them in the Filter Settings.

Notes: G-Vortex uses the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission to create a list of applications/games installed on the user's device. This list is used for optimizing applications/games in G-Vortex. The QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is required for G-Vortex's core functions. Without the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission, G-Vortex will not work.

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